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The point of blending is to make the whole greater then the sum of it’s parts, a skillfully constructed blend has complex flavours that are balanced and integrate well together. There are many differing opinions in the coffee industry, we let taste be our guide.

The origins of Coffee all have distinct tastes, different growing area display varying complex tastes. Single origin roasts showcase the distinct characteristics of the growing region.

We’re constantly sourcing micro lot and interesting beans from all over the world and can offer a unique coffee experience. Contact Us to ask about our coffee of the week/month specials. You can also subscribe to our newsletter or signup to our Roast and Post to stay up to date with our latest blends.


DC3 Blend: As an espresso, with its combination of acidity, sweetness and woody, wild fruits, this is a complex cup that stands out. Combined with milk it is a great example of a fantastic milk based coffee. Just the right sweetness with hazelnut notes. Roasted to perfection with incredible balance. Ticks all the boxes. Columbian,Brazil and Guatemalan.

Credits: Cafe Culture i33
Issue 33 of Cafe Culture Magazine

Spitfire: A full bodies coffee with balanced acidity and a rich smooth flavour. PNG, Kenya, Columbian.

Caribou: Rich and full of flavour, Chocolaty and with a nice sweetness perfect as an espresso or in a milk based drink. Brazil, Columbian, Sumatran, Guatemalan.