Our Story

We’ve travelled to all corners of the world from coffee growing regions to renowned coffee drinking countries, along the way we’ve been mesmerized, blown away, disappointed, puzzled but never bored. We’ve observed,asked questions and have been amazed by friendliness and generosity of information shared(you know who you are). Our business is about relationships with customers, suppliers, friends old and new with coffee as the focal point.

Ethics are important to us and our beans are sourced from predominantly Fairtrade and Rainforest alliance organizations so the growers receive a fair price. Organic beans are used where possible.

From the turning of the soil to turn to plant the seeds to grow the bean we strive to do our best in our part of the chain which is selecting the best Arabica beans,Roasting to perfection and getting the beans to the cup in the fastest time.

At the heart of our business is our Probat 12kg roaster a machine of function, form and beauty. A mixture of solid cast iron and technology designed to give us maximum control and consistent roasts. We roast to order for freshness. We’re a specialty small roaster and welcome private label enquiries from small cafes and business’,let us create a blend and label for you to further your business.